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Another week's worth of data is here. If the Famitsu charts are fairly accurate, the Wii will have outsold the 360 + PS3 combined by approximately 135,000 units for this week alone. The PS3's sales, in particular, have dropped drastically since the beginning of the year and the Wii's sales have been spinning up.

The Wii sits at approximately 44.5% of the market once the Japanese data is updated. It will be interesting to see if it gets to 45% by the end of Feb. If it can get to ~47.5% by the end of June, it should be well on pace to break 50% before sales spin up for the holiday season where we'll likely see a significant gap between supply and demand for the Wii yet again.

When the Japanese data is in, the Wii will be about 5.35 million units short of 50% of the market.  At its current rate of convergence (about 135K/wk) it would take just under 40 weeks to close that gap.  So the Wii is going to need to start outselling both systems combined by ~150,000-160,000 units per week if we're going to see it hit 50% before the rush.