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CCFanboy said:
OneTwoThree said:
What makes you think they will release all of these this year?
Wind Waker HD this fall. EITHER Mario Kart or Mario 3D before holidays, too. Metroid, no.

I say Mario Kart this year, cause it will bring the bigger boost to hardware sales. And people can wait for the next 3D Mario a bit longer after they got a second Galaxy.

Yoshi's Land might be released this summer, no? Then Wind Waker, then Mario Kart? Also I expect Wii U Party this year, and don't forget Pikmin 3.

Then for 2014 I expect Retro's game (Metroid or Donkey Kong), Xenoblade 2 and 3D Mario. MAYBE Zelda HD for the holidays, but it might well become the big game for 2015.

I don't think anyone does. Wind waker is the only one with a release date and with no footage of mario, mario kart or smash bros these are likely a way off yet. I think its possible a 3d mario game may come this year and yoshi is likely but most others are likely going to be pushed into 2014.

I think these are all releases set for the next 2 - 3 years. If you add yoshi and wind waker on top of monster hunter, lego city, pikmin 3, 101, bayonetta 2 and some multiplats then that is a good year.

Wii U Party has been confirmed for this summer in the ND by Iwata. Yoshi looks on final stages as opposed to other games like X, and it was leaked in 2 or 3 retailer's list time ago.

3D Mario and Mario Kart playable in the E3 only means both will be released this holiday season, unlike SSB which will be only shown on pics.



Wind Waker HD is most likely an August game considering:

- August is a slow month for them, so throwing a remake will do the work.

- For Nintendo Autnum starts at August, for example Metroid Other M released on August 31th 2010 which was coming that "fall". If not, september at the latest considering October and Novemeber are Holiday season for bigger games like 3D Mario and Mario Kart U.

- IGN was reporting. Specifically Rich from Nintendo section, who has been right this year 2 times: Project x Zone localization and Nintendo Direct.

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