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cusman said:

Learn to live in the present. If they can get the 1 game per major series out of the way for Wii U, maybe we can get some new IPs out of them... or some really old ones being revisited (like Eternal Darkness and Geist)

I would love an Eternal Darkness sequel, that would make my year. I try not to get my hopes up though after that whole Silicon Knights legal issue.

aikohualda said:

probably super smash will be push on 2014

mk8 maybe pushed too?

maybe animal crossing u on 2014

donkey kong country u!

some kirby game

pokemon game

remake of resident evil or final fantasy....

some 3rd party games

mario party is usually an anual thing right?

Ok, I'm less worried now. It was just the initial surprise of them basically doing what I expected to be their E3 announcement.

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