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RolStoppable said:
runqvist said:

I don't see that you have to like Nintendo to post on nintendo forums there. Do you?

If your point was that you are not supposed to say anything but positive about a console here, you are wrong. The rule does not state that either. It says without basis, which you probably understand. If a thread is about opinions of wii u lineup, I really can't see how any opinion would be without basis.

As I was requested by one moderator, I am not going to discuss my moderation history here.

Let me highlight the most relevant part:

If you spend a lot of time making hit-and-run negative threads or posts about a specific platform you will also be moderated at the discretion of the moderators.

You spend the majority of your time on this website to make negative posts about Nintendo, their platforms or their fans. After getting moderated several times for it you have obviously developed a better understanding of what is borderline and what is taking it too far, so you don't get banned as frequently anymore.

Or more precisely, you have developed a better understanding of what is acceptable under the current moderation team. You've been on this site before under different accounts which have all been permabanned. You haven't been a lurker for over four years before you signed up as runqvist.

So, can you show me a single hit and run post or a thread from me? Please do show something, I really doubt that I have made any such threads or posts. Of course I haven't replied to every single reply to me but that is not the same. When you show me one, we can discuss it. Otherwise, stop insulting me with your baseless accusations.

I haven't been a lurker here for a long time. Last time I was checking out these forums was something like 2007, when console sales were interesting. As they are beginning to be now.