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Player1x3 said:
Absolutely. Homosexuality is a sickness/disorder/sexual malfunction, and it should be treated as such in biology. It serves no sexual nor procreational purpose to human species except for spreading AIDS and other numerous STDs... So yeah, we should definitely look for a cure to fix. I am also pretty sure lots of gay people would much rather be heterosexual than gay, if they had a choice.

Actually. For every single homosexual I have asked if they wanted to be straight... It was pretty much a "no".
They are happy with who they are, they shouldn't have to change, the world should evolve socially to accept that everyone is different and this is just merely another one of those facets.

As for AIDS and STD's. - Straight people carry them, spread them, don't single out homosexuality because of it.

Besides, more procreation? Don't we have enough homeless/abondoned children and overpopulation around the planet? Why do we need more children? Homosexuality isn't holding back population growth or inhibiting the gene pool, if anything the world could do with being a little more "gay".
Homosexual couples should also be allowed to adopt across the planet, then they can look after children that are abused/abondoned/orphaned/etc' by straight parents, but no... Discrimination around the world prevents that logical line of thinking from occuring.

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