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Taken from Michael-5's wall:

"...I don't think most Canadians are pro-gay. Most people don't care. I don't care about Homo's either, but I still think of it as a disorder. What's wrong with that?"

Thanks, Michael-5. Trust us, we don't give two flying fucks about you either. It's funny that you seem so obsessed with the gay issue, only to turn around with a flippant and whiny 'I don't care...but why why why???'

Would a cure make you more comfortable living in this world, knowing we're not 'out there' trying to sexually assault you every chance we get? Or are you just a closet-case, terrified at what you don't understand and feel the need to classify yourself as having some sort of disease/disorder that you just can't shake?

You disgust me to the very extreme, because it would be one thing to be sympathetic towards us "homos" and to make a point of trying to enlighten others who are more narrow-minded. But you seem to wipe your hands clean of the central issue of homophobia, and vault directly to asking whether there is a cure to eradicate all gay people.

Go find something to else to harp on about, because you are completely misguided in your attempt to 'further discussion' about us homos. Just because you are free to have a voice here doesn't mean you should express these vile notions of yours.