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Zappykins said:
It's an orientation - just like left handedness. You can't 'cure' an orientation cause it is not a disease or disorder.

You can stop someone from having sex, but they are still a homosexual.

Some Religions have weird obsessions about people - they used to beat left handed people so they would use the right hand, or keep women from voting and working. Currently some are attacking homosexual people and their families. I think it's mostly people struggling to accept their own orientation.

They only person that really cares about someone else orientation, is the person that wants to sleep with them. Or the person that wants to keep them from sleeping with someone else. It says more about you. When people aren't hurting others, let people live their lives.

PS I have personally known people that have going to 'cure homosexual therapy' and it really messes people up. It is wrong, immoral and really sad.

I agree in a sense. My dad was left-handed, and in school the teachers used to whack kids on the hands with a cane who used their left hand, so he was forced to use the right hand. He can use either now, but the ordeal left him with nervous ticks and twitches for the rest of his life.

I'm left handed too. I'm just glad I wasn't born in a similar time of such intolerance...