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Wander_ said:

bananaking21 and i are totally normal and happy together.

Happy =/= Normal. How do you know you're normal Biologically?

Not to be offensive, but everyone is abnormal in some way. Some people have irrectile disfunction, some people have obsessive compulsive disorder, some people will grow up and develop altzimers. Are any of these people normal? Only socially, as these are accepted conditions which don't make you any less of a person. Biologically all 3 of these people have something wrong with ither their geneitcs, or an imbalance of chemicals, or have a psychological disorder. All 3 are not normal, just accepted, there is a difference.

Would you accept the above conditions as abnormal, or are they normal just like you? If you consider the above 3 conditions abnormal, but still view homosexuality as normal, what's the difference?

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