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supermariodance said:
S.Peelman said:
Even though this game had a very good holiday boost, it's still selling substantially beneath the original. This means it will not get close to those numbers. It will however, keep a much better momentum than 3D Land, as all 2D Mario's are quite consistent sellers for many years. This means it will do a lot better than that game, but given the difference in sales and because 3D Land puts up better competition than Mario 64 DS did, I don't see it passing 3D Land's sales just yet.

It will however, basically be a tie, with total sales coming in very close. I predict 9.5m.

It would be great to see SM3DL staying at first place and NSMB2 not surpassing it!It deserves it!

It would .

As I too think 3D Land is the much better game, and the 3D Mario games in general are more to my liking. In 2014 it will definitely be a done deal though, as the 2D Mario games hold their popularity for a much longer time. At the end of the day in somewhere like 2018 when the next gen is about to start, NSMB2 will have won this easily.