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You're all predicting incredibly high numbers. Neither NSMB DS nor MKDS ever managed 5 million outside of their launch year. MKDS' highest was 4.35 million, and NSMB DS' highest was 4.9 million.

Considering both those happened in years the DS sold 30 million, predicting that NSMB 2 should sell 7 million in a year the 3DS is likely to sell 20 million is simply insane. Anything above 10 million in very optimistic. Above 11 is even more optimistic, and predicting above 12 million means you're predicting this game will be the arguably biggest success any game has ever been.

Let's put it like this. All the major DS games saw 4-5 million in their second year, barring Nintendogs (which did over 6, but it was a completely unique situation) and Mario Kart DS (which did 3.1 million). The 3DS isn't selling quite as amazing as the DS was, so 4 million is the very top. I'm predicting 3.8 million for NSMB2, 3.5 million for MK7 and 3.2 million for 3DLand in 2013.

That puts NSMB 2 up to 8.9 million at the end of 2013.