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miz1q2w3e said:
mrstickball said:
miz1q2w3e said:
The public schools in my area were frickin awesome (Canada). I also attended some private schools. It depends really. I'd say public ~= private.

Home school = fail. Missing out on lots of stuff.

Such as?

I dunno, umm

The benefit of having an expert in each feild teach you what you need to know instead of just one person who isn't. The social aspect, friends, GFs/BFs, interacting with different types of people, learning life skills. Field trips, labs, experiments, activities, sports, clubs, it's a whole different experience.

The vast majority of teachers are far from experts in their fields. Furthermore, the vast majority of learning is done from books which were written by experts. These are the same books homeschoolers use.

Social aspects can easily be taken care of via clubs and other social groups.

I never had a problem with relationships outside of homeschooling.. It's not like there aren't homeschooler co-ops where you can meet a lot of other people (even then, you have many other social organizations that you can go to).

Life skills? I was running my own business at 15 and was writing for major sporting publications around that time as well. Field trips? Had plenty of them. The rest of your comments continue to show your ignorance about homeschooling. There are plenty of co-ops that pool kids together for various labs, activities and sports.

Homeschool isn't perfect, but to show complete ignorance of it really doesn't do your argument well.

Back from the dead, I'm afraid.