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slowmo said:
Carl2291 said:
slowmo said:

If you want to try and insult people and be uncivil, don't be surprised when people ignore you.  Your comparison is still pathetic.

I wasnt insulting you, but if you want to come up with ludicrous statements and ideas just so your preference can win, then dont be surprised when people call you out on it.

Whats pathetic is suggesting we ignore the 2nd largest videogame market just because one console sells like shit.

So you at least conceded that the 360 outsells the PS3 every year without Japan, even if its ludicrous?  That was my point, nothing more or less.  Japan is the only reason this happened.  Its not about winning or losing, its about understanding why this occurred.  The 360 has 7% market share there while the PS3 has 23% in NA.  Japan is clearly massively skewed compared to the rest of the world and its that region alone which made the difference this gen.  I'm not asking he removed them for a comparison to say the 360 won, it was so when you look at the figures without Japan its clear to see that their is no massive extra demand globally for the PS3, they've been very similar outside of Japan.  

Actually, you're wrong...PS3 outsold 360 even in 2012, 2009 without Japan. Amazing, no? 

Why are you also ignoring the "others" region where PS3 also dominates 360?