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GameAnalyser said:
kain_kusanagi said:
pezus said:
It's 2008 actually, not 2009. PS3 whooped 360 in 2009 because of the slim

Define "whooped". I'm looking at two consoles with nearly the same totals yet ging into this gen SOny completely dominated the previous two generations. The Wii and the 360 knocked the King of his hill. The PS3 has made a great partial comeback, but the Playstation brand is not THE gaming icon it used to be. MS has secured it's place and the next generation will be even more competitive.

If we were talking about football teams I don't think anyone would be celebrates a win between two wild card teams that didn't make it to the Superbowl.

Not the gaming icon as PS2, but still a strong brand worldwide. Prove me wrong. SNES domination declined to N64 and Gamecube's level for Nintendo only to be reinvited to the same spot with Wii glory. But the Wii U worries me. But it's too early to make any predictions. PS3 is still selling better than 360 on a worldwide level. Prove me wrong. So believing 360 has sealed or stole the second place this gen and it's time to move on by turning a blind eye doesn't change anything for the playstation brand yet, but maybe for the XBOX brand which needs a successor quite soon. But I'm yet to see how MS will continue to add support to 360, but once '720' is launched, I feel MS will stop developing titles, let alone arcade ones for it, sooner than expected to get the better chunk of the business drive.

Marathon runners and  Sprinters have a common motive " Win the Race". Who wants to deny that?

What a bunch of nonsense and spin.

PSX =  Winner

PS2 = Winner

PS3 =  Loser

The PS3 took the entire generation to barely outsell the Xbox 360 and it will never beat the Wii. The Playstation brand is half what it used to be. During the last two generation if you wanted to play the best games you had to have a PS1 and then a PS2. But this gen people decided they didn't need a PS3 because they were happy with their Xbox 360 or Wii. The Playstation brand has fallen a long way while the Xbox brand has seen a huge increase in popularity.

As for the Nextbox. Who care if MS supports the 360 after the Nextbox is released? New games on the newest consoles are much more appealing than games on an old console. I stopped buying PS2 games after the next gen started. Just because it was still supported doesn't mean any of it was worth buying.