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To whoever started this thread, keep it coming!
Seriously, I lol at these threads. It doesn't matter if more PS3s were sold in this and that year.
Xbox is still leading.

The true winners of this generation are Nintendo and Microsoft. Compare the market shares of each company from last gen to this and you'll notice why Sony is declining.

And why doesn't it matter if more PS3's were sold this and that year? It shows peoples demand for the PS3 is GREATER than the 360 DESPITE it coming out 1 YEAR LATER than the 360.

Any 360 fanboy on here *cough*sales2099 for example*cough* is just trying to cover their eyes from the truth, it doesn't matter if the PS3 overtook the 360 in the beggining or the end of this Gen, fact is it WILL, but idiotic fanboys like to pretend that "it doesn't matter" and that "the new Xbox will be out soon so who cares".

PS3 will be 2nd, 360 will be 3rd, stick that up your arse 360 fanboys.

Like I said, it doesn't matter. The flame inside you is burning for more!

Who is in 2nd place right now? Exactly. Yes, PS3 sells better than Xbox but for some odd reason, Xbox is still leading. MS and Nintendo have taken the market and split it this gen. Shove that fact up yours .

Yeah, odd that is.

I'm trying to be a friendly guy. I'm an Xbox guy, but I got nothing against the PS3. It's a helluva of a machine. 

Besides, Xbox needs PS3 and PS3 needs Xbox. More competition means more stuff for us!