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kowenicki said:
Wander_ said:
With all due respect to all Microsoft fans, i will never buy an xbox720 because i got burned with the 360 i lost over a 1000$ on it and they all broke in the first 3months.

So they all (how many by he way) broke in the first 3 months and you lost over 1000 dollars.  


Btw did you ever play online? 

Back in 2007 the 360 was 399$ i got it cuz of all the 3rd party exclusives like Dead Rising,Saint's Row,BioShock,Mass Effect, i didnt wanna get a ps3 because it was to damn expensive and didnt have any game i want i basically hated the ps3 back than i thought it would get dicuntinued , 1st Xbox rroded 2nd one rroded so when 3rd one broke i just said screw it and baught a ps3 still working BTW, Dont act like you only had one Xbox, And yes i played online may i ask why?