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Kantor said:

I really want to play this, but I've heard that it's short, and it's still at full price, and I still have so much to play

Hopefully it will go on PS+ at some point, as a discount if not a free game.

Incidentally, although VGC seems to love the game, gamrReview readers despise it. Look at the comments: http://www.gamrreview.com/article/89618/2012-game-of-the-year-awards-the-winners

EDIT: All of the offensive comments seem to have been deleted, but they were overwhelmingly negative about our GoTY choice.

Can be said for any game. Go check out any GOTY winner videos on youtube and you'll have more than half of the users saying blasphemy due to their game not winning. How is this new :P (Far more notice-able when the game is an exclusive even).

It costs like 10 euros for an experience you wont forget. About 1,5-2 hours of bliss!