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Yes, and that's the 360s strongest region. It is down 26% YOY in USA Alone according to VGChartz http://www.vgchartz.com/yearly/2012/USA/

The price cut was for the whole year? Ridiculous comparison when talking about the holiday price cut in the US.

the price cut was recent.

this week the 360 is down 12.7% YOY.

The price cut next near will probably not be for all year, either.  Unless MS just keeps the urrent price cuts in place.  And this '12's pricecut was for 3 months, 2 of which are the busiest shopping months of the year.  There was also $150 360 bundles during Black Friday and many stores offered the $199 SKUfor $179 afer Black Friday.  The 360 will still end ~25% down YOY.

Yeah, as I predicted. 

Wait until you see the drop the 360 and PS3 have next year.

i know, I know... Huge games... Ps3 could eve be flat.....yadda yadda yadda

It won't be flat, but most likely it will help the PS3 only be down ~10%-15%.  The 360, on the other hand, will have another ~20%-25% drop.

Can i borrow that Time Machine of yours?