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kowenicki said:
VGKing said:

Yes, and that's the 360s strongest region. It is down 26% YOY in USA Alone according to VGChartz http://www.vgchartz.com/yearly/2012/USA/

The price cut was for the whole year? Ridiculous comparison when talking about the holiday price cut in the US.

the price cut was recent.

this week the 360 is down 12.7% YOY.

Well holidays is where it outsells the other 9 months of the year so I don't think its that ridiculous of a comparison.
Those of you who are good with graphs/charts feel free to compare the last 10 weeks of last year to the last 10 weeks of this year.

Also, I can't believe you people are forgetting that $99 Xbox 360 with 2year contract. It didn't have that last year did it?