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I have to admit I'm really pleased and surprised with PS3 performance. I think most of our regular 360 supporters didn't expect such an outcome. The lead of PS3 was supposed to vanish during holiday period.

I think most people expected the 360 to have a global price cut too.  The only region it did get a price cut (albeit temporary) it easily outsold the PS3.  Sony and Microsoft both made mistakes, Sony should have released the 12GB in the US and Europe should have been given a proper price cut by Microsoft.  I think the inevitable 360 price cut next year will mean the PS3 will have to wait till 2014 before it can overtake, it needed to do better over the holidays to overtake in 2013 imo.  

It does seem interesting that launch aligned the PS3 is declining quicker now.  Its been a strange generation.

A price cut for XBox 360 at this point would do absolutely nothing

Keep dreaming...

LOL. The 360 had a price cut this holiday and yet it still declined massively YOY.

Wasnt that temporarily price-cut NA only?

Yes, and that's the 360s strongest region. It is down 26% YOY in USA Alone according to VGChartz http://www.vgchartz.com/yearly/2012/USA/