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Mazty said:
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Mazty said:
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Once again, you Nintendo haters need to really hide your true colors better.

3DS still beasting, as expected, and Wii U will pick up in sales. Man, the Vita should do much better than that. The gap between X360 and PS3 is great for Sony, but doubt they care, given the crisis they are in. Overall, worse than last year, but the fact that handheld gaming is still kicking is great news for the video game industry. Surprised the DS is still selling great, but there were plenty of sales for it and the 3DS at my local Target.

You really shouldn't make such statements when you really don't have anything to base them on. Wii U sales MIGHT pick up, they might not. 

Nintendo knows what they are doing. They won't just screw up for their next home console. Not even two months in, and everyone is making judgements. Just compare the Xbox360, PS3, and Wii U launch.

Nintendo aren't some omniscient power - they might have made a mistake.

Comparing the 360/Wii/PS3 launches are irrelevant as the market was vastly different back then, plus those consoles weren't competiting against the previous generation, whereas the Wii U is fighting the PS3/360 head on with the volume of identical ports it has - there has been no "PGR3" yet for it. 
Either way, you can't claim Nintendo sales will pick up as that is not a fact, just speculation. 

What is fact, is that Nintendo had this same problem with the 3DS. How did that turn out? Yes, it is pure speculation, but saying that the Wii U is suddenly flopping is just as judgemental, perhaps even more so.

Estelle and Adol... best characters ever! XD