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All the old consoles have really died this year:

X360 / PS3 in 2008: 21m

X360 / PS3 in 2009: 23m

X360 / PS3 in 2010: 27m

X360 / PS3 in 2011: 28m

X360 / PS3 in 2012: 23.5m (22.8m through Dec 22)

All three in 2008: 45m

All three in 2009: 54.3m

All three in 2010: 44.5m

All three in 2011: 39.6m

All three in 2012: About 29m

It's probably fair to expect PS3 / X360 to drop 20-30% in 2013, to 17.5m or so, with Wii only doing 2-3m for the whole year. Wii U should be 10-15m though (120k-180k * 43 weeks, plus nine big holiday weeks would be 10-15m)

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