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diamuerto said: If you noticed with GC, not many good games came out after launch. They released some good stuff for launch and then had nothing for a long while. Wii had one or two great launch games and the rest are more evenly spread out. Wii has their games being sold over a better time range. This should help keep the sales going. Instead of beating 6 good games and waiting a year for the next one, you beat a good one every 2-3 months and have enough games to keep you content throughout the year.
Why dont you compare it to the N64 then? It had... hands down. Nintendos best. The N64 was marketed to adults. The N64 had adult orientated games. (conquers bad fur day comes to mind... even the x-box port was watered down because it was so... adult orientated) I *loved* my N64. I didnt really want a PS untill 3 or 4 years after it's launch, and the N64 entered a lull in games. The GC sucked for games... I can only think of like 5 games for the GC worth buying. At least the X-Box I can name off 10. The DS is going abstract. And not the abstract I like. Like. Not... games... games. Let's make picking up dog crap fun! Uhh... I dont care how desperate I am. I will not enjoy clicking on a pile of dog crap. I know! Maybe I'll enjoy giveing the dog a bath. Or hell, Maybe I'll enjoy playing fetch with it. Oh wait. If I want to give a dog a bath. I can. I can do 2 at a time!!! Cant do that in the game! I can even give cats baths. And ferrets! I have to pick up crap all day. it is NOT fun. It is NOT enjoyable. I dont want to do it in a game. Bill Payer. Would be a fun game too! It's a game where you are given so much money a month. and you have to not spend it on stuff. Like food! To pay the bills! My point is. The Wii is following the DS. I like the GBA MUCH better than the DS. Infact, there's more GBA games coming out that I want, than DS. And a GBA SP feels alot better in my hands than a DS. :) Nintendo is selling the Wii on the grace of the DS. When people tire of the DS, the Wii will be over.

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