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ethomaz said:

TheShape31 said:

Yes, I know all of this.  Are you saying that it wouldn't look nice on a 1800p screen?  If not, then I have no idea what you're getting at.

I think it look really beautiful on a 1800p but not much difference from a 1080p screen because the size of the screen... the screen size of the Mac is small to show all the quality of a 1800p resolution.

In fact I think this demo of Rayman Legends is better than Rayman Origins because the art style... I liked it. 

Regardless of its native resolution, trust me, everything looks better in that high of resolution.

And I agree that the art style in Legends is much more detailed and creative than in Origins.  By the time it comes out, it will no doubt be the best-looking game on Wii U.  It will also be tough competition for best-looking game on any console, in my opinion.