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dsgrue3 said:
DirtyP2002 said:
Actually a friend of mine bought an Xbox 360 for Forza 3. True story.

See below.

A_C_E said:
I bought the 360 just for Forza. Sure I was introduced to new things but Forza is still the reason I bought a 360. Stop being an idiot. You actually think that NOBODY bought a 360 for Forza? Out of the million people who bought Forza 1 didn't fall in love with it.

Stupidest conversation I've seen all year! Your assumptions aren't facts, now get over yourself and be quiet because Nsanity is right and you are wrong.

Simple. Accept it. Good day.

Your own personal circumstance does not prove that it is a console seller. When I said nobody, I meant a very small percentage of people bought a 360 simply to play Forza. Again, supposition. Still waiting for data.

Adinnieken said:
Considering if you want multi-display support with Forza you'll need two extra Xbox 360's, I'd say it's likely that Forza sells consoles.

Forza can support up to three displays when all three consoles are interconnected and have a copy of Forza running in them.

Interesting, but if you think people are shelling out an additional $200 minimum just to play Forza, I think you'd be hard-pressed to prove it. Again, I'm asking for hard data.

Until you prove that it is a system seller, it isn't. That's all I'm saying. 2 sales doesn't mean it is a system seller. Give me some data that supports your counter-claim. Not your own personal circumstances which are nothing more than outliers.

You didn't mention console seller once, you just said that there isn't anyone who has bought the 360 for Forza and that's what I'm responding to. Your phrasing needs work if you can't get across what you actually mean.

Stop asking for data that doesn't exist. Just look at this with common sense. The Forza franchise has sold over ten million this generation. Wether or not that was because of bundles or not doesn't matter, it was still introduced into the hands of the people who bought the system and are therefore going to tryout the game. Out of the millions and millions of people who have been introduced to this game through whatever means there are now going to be a big dedicated fanbase.

If you need facts/data to understand this then oh well.