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staticneuron said: Are you serious? You mean with stables like mario, mario kart, starfox, metroid, zelda, trauma center so forth and so on. These games have been around multiple time on other nintendo systems. The are the same games with (for most of them) no story and a highly tweaked gameplay.
let's not get silly sure Mario and the likes are on the DS there does not exist a system that doesn't continue a franchise of some sort. But the DS games I've been into, Pokemon RPG, there isn't a single Pokemon RPG for any home console(spinoffs yes, but not the full real RPG), Nintendogs, Hotel Dusk, Phoenix Wright, Contact, Brain Age, Advance Wars, Elite Beat Agent, Club House Games, Jump Super Stars. The same cannot be said about the PSP. Monster Hunter will soon be coming to the ps3, other then that I can't think of a ton of original psp franchises. Gurumin, Field Commander, Loco Roco, Metal Gear Acid I'd count being that it's entirely different gameplay, yet honestly nothing I'm excited about.(And nothing that really sells a system) Hmmm....psp doesn't have many action games? Metal Gear, Syphon Filter, GTA, Dynasty Warriors...let me put it like this, if your running around a 3d environment and shooting, kicking, punching, then I call it action. That is a very big category on the psp. Adventure games like Hotel Dusk or Phoenix Wright, there isn't a single title on the entire system like this. Tactics, there is Field Commander, Lord of the Rings, and Metal Gear Acid. Nothing really like FF Tactics or Ogre Battle which is what I was hoping to see, in fact the only title like that is that Joan of Arc game coming, which I am excited about. RPGs there isn't a whole lot, Legend of Heroes is terrible Valkyre Profile is good but not traditional, Gurumin is a solid game but again its pretty much an action game. I do love Tales of Eternia which never came out in America and also isn't traditional but nontheless one of the few good rpgs. Poplocrios is traditionnal, again it's an outdated port with way too many random battles but nonetheless is one of the too few entries in this field. I know there is a Jewel Summoner game thats also a new IP it's supposed to be okay I haven't tried it yet, so I can't comment. So these three types of games are few on the system. Of course there are exceptions to the rule but for the most part I think that's true I might have played more PSP titles then you have and again I really don't think there is an enormous difference in game play(I'm not saying there won't be exceptions to the rule but I believe this in a big way. I've listed 3 examples, I don't think there is a need to go through the entire catalog to make my point. But if you want more how about Outrun, Ridge Racer, most of the sports titles, then ther are just the plan bad versions of console games like Spiderman, Godfather, and Scarface, besides I've yet to hear any examples of this different gameplay) Honestly there is no reason to get worked up over this I don't want to be taken as a Nintendo fanboy psp hater, which is what I may sound like only becuase I'm getting insulted by people not taking me seriously. Bottom line is, I like my psp alot, I just don't love it. The games I've enjoyed the most is Tales of Eternia(European version) i've played it for 25 hours, after that Tekken i've played that about 12 hours, everything else I've probably played for no more then 5 hours,(thrillville is getting close though), I just find I have a hard time getting into them beyond that. That bothers me as I really thought the psp was going to force my DS to collect dust, and yet it hasn't. For example I bought Gurumin and Hotel Dusk, after 2 hours of Gurumin I started to get bored of the action gameplay and really kiddy story, while Hotel Dusk really intrigued me, I've now played it ten hours and still love it.(and hotel dusk was 10 bucks cheaper) Now I'm back to playing Thrillville on the PSP which is a great game on there(another game I doubt is very different on a home console though, yet I can't say for sure since I haven't tried it yet.) All my arguements are really me trying to get to the root of why I continue to lose interest in my psp games, so you can tell me I'm wrong on every count and completely discredit every argument I make, but I truly have no reason to be biased and have given the psp a fair chance and will continue to do so, but I still feel the psp isn't loveable(to me personally). if this doesn't apply to you then so be it, but there is a reason the DS is outselling the psp, so it may be the most people happen to agree with me.