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Carl2291 said:
kowenicki said:

Your lot continuing your alarming demise today? Trans Pennines derby back on next season. 

Im not fully sure. Not seen the team. Been really unlucky with injuries and suspensions in the past 8 or so games.

The problem were having is the lack of a fit, Championship quality striker. Vaughan and Beckford have spent more time injured than playing... Church isnt up to it at all and needs to be sent back asap. Novak and Lee, while alright, arent exactly Championship quality. Add in Scannel and Southern being injured/suspended and the squad players being players who struggled in L.Q then you have problems.

4 Points off playoffs and Rhodes money to spend in January... Im quite happy really despite 2 points from 5 games.

How are your bunch doing?

Flashes of promise quickly undermined by an abundance of mediocrity. 

I'm not really here!

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