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I didn't realize Forza series was so much better and a class above GT series, according to Metacritic and combined average review rating from most recognized review sites. I didn't know GT was thought of that badly by most sites, is it really that bad?

...Couldn't resist a Turkish style comment.

Seriously though, interesting numbers there, I genuinely hadn't looked at them as a group.

For me, no matter what GT4 will be the best racing game ever made, didn't know it only did 89 on metacritc, I loved the soundtrack it was downright fantastic and had a massive selection of top notch music.

It also had one of the the coolest intros EVER in video game history that was rendered in real time with Dolby Digtal 5.1


Only played original Forza a couple of years after release and really didn't know what the fuss was about, it looked very ugly compared to GT4.