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VicViper said:
Player1x3 said:

Oh...so it's not the ''true'' platformer. Oh ok i get it...its Nintendo who gets to define the genre and say what's true and what's not.

The point was, Nintendo wasnt first to use platforms in games and the post i quoted said otherwise. Whether or not you can jump was irrelevant. But you desperately wanted to twist this into something which would end up in ''AH BUT NINTENDO DID THIS FIRST!!!!11!11! despite this having nothing to do with post i quoted.

And btw, Alpha Waves isn't the ''true'' 3d platformer because you can't control the camera...and thus Mario 64 is the first 3d platformer !!!! Right?

Nope, never claimed that. Stop using this logic, because it only demonstrates you're the one using it (claiming Nintendo didn't do it just because they're Nintendo).

Well, I made my point, and rebuttted all your points,

Did you now? Ok, can you please repeat the part where you rebutted how Space Panic didnt use platforms before Nintendo?