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VicViper said:
Player1x3 said:

It is considered a first platformer by everyone. Just because it doesnt have elements from 'more modern' platformers, doesnt mean its not a platformer. Thats like saying Doom and Wolfenstein arent true FPSs because you cant regenerate health and aim down the sights

That's why on it's page it says:

Space Panic is a 1980 arcade game designed by Universal, which Chris Crawford calls the first ever platform game,[1] as it pre-dates Nintendo's Donkey Kong (from 1981) which is often cited as the original platform game.

I mean, if everyone calls it, then Chris Crawford (who) shouldn't have wasted his time.

man, use your beliefs from before searching "first platformer" on google and findind this to prove a point against the other post - you probably really wanted it to have some kind of jumping mechanic and real platforms gameplay right? Burger time is a platfomer to you?

your example would be true if wolfenstein did not have a "shooting device viewed from a first person view". Just like that text I used say: sometimes it's considered the first platformer, but the first true platformer is DK.

Oh...so it's not the ''true'' platformer. Oh ok i get it...its Nintendo who gets to define the genre and say what's true and what's not.

The point was, Nintendo wasnt first to use platforms in games and the post i quoted said otherwise. Whether or not you can jump was irrelevant. But you desperately wanted to twist this into something which would end up in ''AH BUT NINTENDO DID THIS FIRST!!!!11!11! despite this having nothing to do with post i quoted.

And btw, Alpha Waves isn't the ''true'' 3d platformer because you can't control the camera...and thus Mario 64 is the first 3d platformer !!!! Right?