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Post the rules you guys want and I'll edit my thread to... well... make it have the rules and stuff.

No spamming allowed in vgcharts forums. this means advertising non-game related merchandise.
No personal insults or inflammatory attacks. You can argue someone down but don't make it personal or let it slip into chaos.
No talking trash about someone because of their nationality. Just because he's from mars. He means as much as anyone else.
Keep topics in the relevant boards. Also please keep threads on topic.
Try to keep your signatures friendly for people who don't have broadband, or are using a PDA/console. Try to keep all your images under 25-50k. Animated signatures are the bane of low memory devices.
No pointless console bashing...discussions about pros/cons are good. Try to keep it a discussion. Not a some console sucks no matter what. At least give legit reasons why it sucks.
No profanity, don't go overboard. Everyone slips up from time to time. But were not on a pirate ship.
No creating accounts to impersonate or provoke another user. Wii_Gamer said this was punishable by banning.
Think of all your stuff and post it in here and I'll fix this post.

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