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VicViper said:
hunter_alien said:

yes, that will only help the gaming industry expand, and reach new hights... oh wait, it wont.


OT: its a sad day, when companies can sue eachother on baseless things, like these.

Lol, seriously? Not even VGKing would fall for that one!

It doesnt matter. Im fucking sick and tired of serious threads being derailed by BS, no matter if its trolling or not. People are wondering why the forums are dieing out. Its an easy answer: the quality is migrating away, and all that is left are some old members, who stick around, and the rest of people, who cannot stay on topic or discuss anything, without getting some annoying, memfilled persona involved.

What you did is called stealth trolling, no matter how you put it, and the mods are doing nothing to stop this behaviour.