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Wii U will need bigger games than Bayonetta 2 and Pikmin 3 to counter PS360 in 2013.  

Wouldn't be surprised if Sony or Microsoft(Maybe both) cut prices next year. Nintendo will be in trouble if that happens.

Microsoft will cut the price, they will be clearing their stock. That will be a big problem for Wii U. Why would someone buy a wii u when you will get close enough performance and more games for less? Of course nintendo fans will buy wii u, but I don't see anyone else bothering with it.

A 250gb xbox for $149 would be big.

 I don't think nintendo is necessarily in direct competition with the ps3/360 in that sense. For the system to be a success, I think it has to attract a faire portion of the 140m people who currently own a PS3 or 360. Although new markets are of course going to be a key factor as well.

it will be in direct competition against PS3/360 in 2013.