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fooflexible said: This is my big problem with the psp. later this year i'm going to buy Burnout 5 for my x360, and Burnout Dominator is coming for my psp, I'm sure it's going to be great, but Burnout 5 great? No. Again it'll be a crappy version of a console game. After spending 60 bucks on a great console title should I pay another 40 to get the watered down version on my psp? no. And I'm sure Dominator will be highly rated and used as an argument to give the psp a chance, but you can't forget the bottom line, if I want Burnout, I'm getting 5 for the 360 or the ps3, and not wasting my time with the psp version, same with GTA, Metal Gear, Tekken Syphon Filter, heck even Monster Hunter is now going to move to the ps3, eleminating another reason to waste time with the handheld.
Maybe you just don't need a handheld. There is no point to play Burnout Dominator when you have a X360 version around but you should remember what the purpose of a handheld is. You play it when you are away of your home entertaiment room. Would you take your X360 on vacation, plane, train and so on? No. This is a space for "crappy" version (personally I'm impressed how good is for example Tekken DR). There is nothing more accurate to home system than PSP. Real stuff. I want to play my favourits. I don't care about Pokemon, Nintendogs etc.. I like Tekken, GTA, MGS - this is my world