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I'm writing this because I've been away from this site and gaming in general for a while (got a wife, had kids, y'know), but things haven't changed that much. I still don't understand 'fanboys' at all. It seems to be a small minority of the gaming croud (and thankfully, VGChartz does a pretty good job of moderating these threads to keep things civil), but they're certainly a loud minority, especially on sites with less involved moderators.

First, let me lay out the different catagories I see in the 'hardcore' gaming world (hardcore meaning people that love to game, and do it a lot, not meaning people that like only M rated games).

All-around Gamer: Couldn't care less which system a game is on. Owns every console they can afford, most likely has a PC rig too, appreciates a wide variety of genres.

Fan: Likes a particular system better than another, mostly due to the fact it fits their particular tastes. Can generally appreciate other people's opinions and tastes, and most likely owns multiple consoles (mabe even from all 3 manufacturers). Plays their console of choice most, but generally has at least a few games he/she enjoys on another system. Will defend their favorite system, but doesn't feel the need to bash any competing system.

Fanboy: Loves their particular system more than their own life (Whether it's PC, Nintendo, Sony, MS). Feels threatened if another console is suggested to be anything other than crap, makes it their life mission to denegrade any system that is not their personal favorite. Routinely leaves their own system's forum page to bash competing systems, spell out doom and gloom for other systems, insult the poor, delusional people who somehow love the lowly, inferior, competing console. Looks down their nose at the gaming peasants on other systems. Hypes up their system of choice as the best thing ever no matter what reality is. They're willing to limit their gaming experiences for brand loyalty only (I can understand budgetary reasons). "Game isn't on my system? It must be crap!"Gets banned a lot if they're on VGChartz.

I guess I just don't get it. I count myself as a Nintendo fan (just got a Wii U to put my toe back in the gaming world), but I've owned non-nintendo systems as well (had a Sega Genesis with my SNES, PS1 with my N64, owned a PS2 briefly until it broke). I'm totally jealous of X360 owners because Halo 4 looks amazing, while Uncharted makes me wish I could justify buying a PS3. I would like to get the Nextbox if I can afford it when it comes out. Sadly I can't afford to own everything because kids are damn Expensive, and Nintendo makes my favorite games, so I'm happy with just my Wii U for now.

Seriously, what is it that's so threatening about another console that people have to hate it? It may not be your cup of tea, but it's still good tea to somebody! Let me drink my Mario Tea in peace!

I guess what I'm saying is, why can't we all just get along? Gaming is fun, so there's no reason to be such a stick in the mud!