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fooflexible said: First off you mentioned alot of games that aren't out and many that aren't even coming to the psp God of War? And Devil may cry and GT Portable seem to be on indefinite hold. Second you mentioned some pretty average games in the there Out Run, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, even Fild Commander is good, but I'd take Advance Wars over it any day of the week. Have you played most of these games? I've played just about all of them, and Loco Roco is the only one you mentioned that is really good and doesn't actually have a console equivelent that's better. (Even this title as brilliant as it is, I just get bored with it after two hours) lets not forget your shelling out 40 bucks for games and way more for the system also. This is my big problem with the psp. later this year i'm going to buy Burnout 5 for my x360, and Burnout Dominator is coming for my psp, I'm sure it's going to be great, but Burnout 5 great? No. Again it'll be a crappy version of a console game. After spending 60 bucks on a great console title should I pay another 40 to get the watered down version on my psp? no. And I'm sure Dominator will be highly rated and used as an argument to give the psp a chance, but you can't forget the bottom line, if I want Burnout, I'm getting 5 for the 360 or the ps3, and not wasting my time with the psp version, same with GTA, Metal Gear, Tekken Syphon Filter, heck even Monster Hunter is now going to move to the ps3, eleminating another reason to waste time with the handheld. The DS treats the handheld market like a unique market with a unique gameplay experience with plenty of strong titles for casual or hardcore players that you simply won't find on your home console at all. So you can tell me how great every psp game is until your blue in the face but until they start making something other then crapy versions of console games or start selling eveything for 20 bucks it's just not worth it.
I made a clear difference between the actual great games on the PSP and the UPCOMING great games on the system .Out Run is a great game ,perfect for a portable and with about the same quality levels of the console versions ,plus its a game that works best for a handheld .Marvel Ultimate Alliance has at least the same quiality as the 128 bits versions of the game plus some extras .Field Commander is more or less like Advance Wars (its a rip off after all ) but with better graphics .As for the upcoming games God of War is coming made by Ready at Dawn and Devil May Cry:Dance of Sparda was also announced by TGS time last year .GT Mobile had a beta running the GT4 engine on the PSP as back as october last year and will come sooner or later .One all is said and done the PSP will have literally dozens of great games and the DS will continue with its great game each 2-3 months and the sales drivers as Ninytendogs and Brain Training ...that will have Wii versions that play better and that alone leaves your argument in the cold .