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JayWood2010 said:

Uncharted and Call of Duty are definitely not trying to achieve photo realistic graphics. Uncharted is filled with vibrant colors and has a unique art style where Call of Duty is on the realistic side it is just ugly and hasn't been upgraded for years. Battlefield 3 took a step in the right direction. Look up photo realistic games on youtube for PC. We are already pretty much there with extreme high end PC's. For consoles another decade or so, maybe more and I doubt if they will get shunned. However devs will need to find new ways to innovate because if it is a copy and paste format of game play then people will grow bored and move on. The games with the good graphics will no longer stand out but the ones with good artistic styles.

Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls are the only console games that really go for photo-realism, and they work for that game structure. But on PC, we have stuff like:


Besides some racing sims (console and PC), this is about as close to photo-realistic as we've ever gotten. I use environments instead of characters because that's much more to render.