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kain_kusanagi said:

Ok, I clicked the link and found rumors about the next Xbox. But this thread is about the next Playstation. The link rumors that the next Xbox will be the most powerfull, but that the next Playstation will still be quite a bit more powefull than the Wii U. I still don't know why anyone other than a Nintendo employee would want the next Xbox and Playstation to be limited to Wii U which is NOT twice as powefull as the PS360. It obviously is not.

Oh and I don't know what the other thread is that you're talking about. But I do know that some hacker just released specific tech specs of the Wii U and the news is in. The Wii U is not a huge leap from PS360. http://www.ign.com/articles/2012/11/29/wii-u-cpu-gpu-details-uncovered

You're killing me.

1) The WiiU IS ~2x that of the PS360. Its CPU is slower per core but a more efficient and better CPU. Its not that much worse, if at all. The RAM is slower but many times more in quantity PLUS the very fast 32MB of edram that helps out in many different ways. PS360s GPUs are about 250GFLOPs while nearly everyone (especially after the 500MHz rumor) say its about 500GFLOPS... PLUS it is a far newer and more modern GPGPU and simply does a ton more over PS360s in terms of raw power, functionality, and various technologies. Anyone would say its safe to say WiiU is 2X the PS360 who knows about the tech.

2) Reread the rumors or just go to my thread with them all. It clearly says the PSOmni is about 2X the WiiU and then later says the neXtBox is about 2X the PSOmni. "Microsoft is the most vague out of all of them. It’s slated to be the most powerful out of all the next gen consoles about 4 to 6 times more powerful than Wii U and 2 to 3 times more powerful than Playstation Omni."