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I don't think that taking the handhelds into account was fair, but since this was Erics "game", he makes the rules.

I try to make this short... If Nintendogs gets a sequel, i don't think it's going to be as big as the original. I just don't see it being that type of game that would have big sales for the sequel.
Brain Trainings for the DS have a shot to sell more than Brawl, but since there are two of them, they eat each others sales.
Halo 3, it definately won't beat Brawl. GTA 4 may end up being close combined, unless Wii gets a GTA game (not PS2 port), which would eat away PS360 GTA sales.
I believe that Wii Fit will outsell Brawl, SMG unlikely, Mario Kart for Wii will propably be close, NSMB is going to beat Brawl, just like Wii Play.

But in general about Brawl, it loses some of its sales because of getting so "early" release, but it also have a lot of time to sell slowly and steady before having basically any competition and hitting budget price, when its sales will have some boost. Having online multiplayer lowers the number of copies getting to used games market, which forces people to get their copies new.
I also see Brawl as a game that appeals to hardcore as well as casuals, just like SMG, MK Wii and GTA games, so its potential is hard to guess.

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Nintendo games sell only on Nintendo system.