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JayWood2010 said:

Great review. My score would probably be somewhere around your area.

I really don't mind any of the prometheans. Those flying things that keeps escaping can be annoying at times, but their weak weaponry makes up for it. I found the drones from previous Halo games more annoying, to be honest. I think the hunters have been kind of overpowered since Halo Reach, but this time around they always make sure you have powerful weapons before going against them... on the campaign, that is.

I'm not a fan of Spartan OPS. The story is not interesting, maps are being re-used, maps that were obviously not meant for this sort of thing *coughRagnarökandcomplexsofarcough* are being used, and the enemies are far too many for you to be able to complete the episodes alone on Legendary without 10 deaths/respawns. I mean, at one point I was alone against EIGHT Hunters and had no power weapons or vehicles. There is matchmaking, but only on Heroic for some reason. Sure I do play Legendary with friends, but they can't be online all the time. And even then none of us find the missions particularly funny except a few exceptions.

At this point I should point out though that the Campaign is Flawless from every angle: Story, visuals, sound, gameplay, atmosphere; everything is perfect! Sure, the guy was excessively mad and disrespectful towards Master Chief despite all his accomplishments, but after years on the field it does at least make some sense to doubt his judgement. So yeah, no complaints from me regarding the Campaign.

Multiplayer is excellent. I like being awarded for killing others (lol). Other than that there's not much to say that haven't been said already. Best Halo game since Halo 3 for sure. Possibly better.

I agree.  I can't say how happy I am with this game.  It's rare that I'd give a game above a 9 from a critic's stand point.  Personally this has been my favorite game in the last few years. And it is definitely up there with Halo 3.  I really hope they can fix Infinity Slayer though.  Something I forgot to mention was the boltshot.  You should not have a mini shotgun in your pocket lol  I can rack up kills with that thing so easily and now a lot of people are using it extensively in Infinity Slayer.  They should tone it down or something.  Maybe make it a shot that takes your inergy down instead  of a 1 shot kill maybe, I dont know.

I thought it should act like the 'molar' in Halo 3. Mini shotgun but not too powerful. Just takes away your shield. 


BUT the thing it, when you use a molar, you can trigger it whenever you can while the Boltshot, you have to time it right. BTW infinity slayer is my favourite. And I think everyone just plays bigteam slayer becuase they can rack up kills?