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cusman said:
JWeinCom said:

a) A price cut will definitely help... Sony is being too slow to make the bold changes it needs but it also loose too much money on each unit sold as is and can't really afford price cuts

b) The PS+ promotion is a great way to entice PS3 PS+ subscribers to start seeing themselves as having a game-library on PS-Vita that they are not utilizing. Might cause some hardware to move. It will finally happen next week, so again while PS3 got the big surge of PS+ value at E3, the Vita is yet to get such a surge.

c) Is Sony even marketing their games that are valuable enough to sell the hardware to the right people if they would just learn about it? I give example of game Smart As which got an 8.5/10 review from IGN but I think is more like a 10/10 game for people that jumped on board the Brain Age games for Nintendo DS. That was a system seller... yet the Smart As game gets no coverage, no promotion, no Kiosk demos, no mall demos, no showing at E3, etc.

d) The "console" experience on the go promise that became the PS-Vita messaging platform is yet to be realized, because console gaming is so much better than the games made so far on the PS-Vita. It isn't competing against the 3DS or iPhone... it is competing against the PS3 and X360 by targetting its games and marketing at that already very satisfied crowd with more games than time to play them. The same crowd that only wants free version of their PS3 game on PS-Vita with cloud save feature so they can resume on PS3 when they get back home. Why would they spend $250 for portable to just play their PS3 games on the go... especially if they had to buy 2 copies of the game to do it.

The PS-Vita marketing intended to promote how "powerful" it is has done nothing but hurt it because it targets PS3 players and the results on PSV are not as "powerful" as the PS3.

b)  PSPlus is definitely a great value, but they still need better games to support it.  Gravity Rush is the best of the bunch on that, but still not quite enough to do it for me.  More importantly though, Sony has to do a better job promoting the service in general. 

C) The thing is, Brain Age WAS a system seller.  The new Brain Age isn't selling as well as the old ones did.  We've been there and we've done that.  The people who would be interested in this likely already own a few Brain games.  Don't see why another would be that big of a deal especially so far after that particular market has cooled.

D) I think Sony SHOULD be promoting the VIta as a complement to the console experience.  Not as a competition but more along the lines of "Hey, you love your PS3 so much, so wouldn't you rather play that on the go than your iPhone?"  They have the right idea with games like ACLib and COD.  Make games that are different but complementary to the console versions.  One of the problems is that the *cough* hardcore crowd that is obsessed with COD isn't keen on portable gaming.  It's an image problem more than anything... and the games aren't very good.


forevercloud3000 said:

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On a serious note, I wish every game on the 3DS was the deciding factor on whether it lived or failed :/. It is such a ridiculous notion. Vita games are just as good(or not good) as 3DS games. Vita's problem is not the games rather the marketing and the Price. With those two things fixed it will sell.

Also, all of these Vita games are being critiqued far too harshly. On one hand these Reviewers say they don't want their handheld games to be portable console quality, yet everytime I read one of these reviews it goes on and on about how the game doesn't truely compare to the console equivelant. These games are just what they should be for 1, first cycle of games in a generation, and 2 on a hand held. If a game bolsters console like quality graphics on a hendheld it should be a definite plus, but marking a game down for looking like.....idk, a HENDHELD  GAME? Stupid. Why is Vita virtually punished everytime it utilizes its touch/gyro capabilities, and the 3DS praised for wonky 3D and touch?Now some of it might feel forced (U:GA opening gates/doors comes to mind) but most of it is legit(U:GA gyro-aiming and AC:L's chain kills).

And the games that cater perfectly to the mindset of what these "Reviewers" say a portable game should be, totally get crucified for no reason. Every review says LBP Vita is the best of the series.....yet the lowest rated. Gravity Rush is also AAA quality new IP.

I will give them COD:BO Dec, that is a total dud that should have never been released.

But every game WAS the deciding factor on whether the 3DS lived or died.  The big difference was that the games Nintendo was counting on to pull them out of their slump (MK7 and Mario 3D Land) actually succeeded.  Look at it this way.  SONY IS BUNDLING AC3 AND BLACK OPS DECLASSIFIED WITH THE VITA!!!!!!  Obviously, these were important games.  

And, I'm kind of curious as to what reviews you've been reading where the 3DS is being praised for its 3D, because that's not something I've seen.  And people have been complaining about shoehorned touch controls since the days of the DS and Wii.  There isn't an anti-Vita conspiracy or anything.  

As for why LBP Vita is getting lower reviews than its predecessors, it's because it's not fresh and new anymore.  That's a typical pattern with any franchise like that.  The games may be getting better, but that's offset by the lack of novelty.  NSMB2 and MK7 also had this effect.  Gravity Rush is a solid 8/10 game that could be the start of a great IP.  Nothing more nothing less.