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Liberation wasn’t a bad game – not great, just good. It had a brown color scheme that had a way of looking muddy on the small screen, and it contained a tiny, tiny fraction of the content in Assassin’s Creed 3, but the core experience was intact, if buggy. That’s not good enough for the Vita. The Vita needs to prove that a powerful, dedicated gaming handheld is not only adequate but necessary, and it’s still struggling to do that.

These two games reveal an uncomfortable fact about the Vita – it still doesn’t have games that can stand up to its older console brother, and yet it costs the same. Aside from the $250 system, the games cost less, but barely less – Black Ops Declassified is $10 less than Black Ops 2, but appears to have a small fraction of the content. Same goes for Liberation — smaller game, disproportionately big price. In a world where these games are at least theoretically competing with the best of the iPhone, making the argument that they are 40-50 times better than a $1 game becomes laughable.

I imagine that both of these games went into production long before the Vita started to put up the disappointing sales numbers that have characterized its short life so far. In the future, it could be even harder to get big name developers signing on to make new products for the handheld. Either Sony needs to swoop in with some serious first-party muscle, or this system is going to fizzle.



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On a serious note, I wish every game on the 3DS was the deciding factor on whether it lived or failed :/. It is such a ridiculous notion. Vita games are just as good(or not good) as 3DS games. Vita's problem is not the games rather the marketing and the Price. With those two things fixed it will sell.

Also, all of these Vita games are being critiqued far too harshly. On one hand these Reviewers say they don't want their handheld games to be portable console quality, yet everytime I read one of these reviews it goes on and on about how the game doesn't truely compare to the console equivelant. These games are just what they should be for 1, first cycle of games in a generation, and 2 on a hand held. If a game bolsters console like quality graphics on a hendheld it should be a definite plus, but marking a game down for looking like.....idk, a HENDHELD  GAME? Stupid. Why is Vita virtually punished everytime it utilizes its touch/gyro capabilities, and the 3DS praised for wonky 3D and touch?Now some of it might feel forced (U:GA opening gates/doors comes to mind) but most of it is legit(U:GA gyro-aiming and AC:L's chain kills).

And the games that cater perfectly to the mindset of what these "Reviewers" say a portable game should be, totally get crucified for no reason. Every review says LBP Vita is the best of the series.....yet the lowest rated. Gravity Rush is also AAA quality new IP.

I will give them COD:BO Dec, that is a total dud that should have never been released.




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