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Dodece said:
JWeinCom said:

Why should we be doing Sony any favors?  I don't want the Vita to fail or anything, but it's Sony's job to make the Vita a success, not ours.  Right now, Sony hasn't created a product or a software library that warrants a 250+ price tag, and accordingly we ask them to lower the price to reflect the value of the device. Sony's not helping me out with my personal problems, so i don't think I'm going to help them with theirs.

I think you are getting me wrong. I am not for the Vita or for Sony. I am however for reality. There are however some in this thread, or on these forums that do want the Vita to succeed, and their justifications for it doing just that. Always revolve around a price cut coming to the rescue. My point being that is isn't going to happen, and their perpetuating that story line is actually a self defeating act. I really could care less if they want to spin fairytales about their god rising from its grave, but when they are doing something so foolish as to keep tossing more dirt on that grave. Well it is so ridiculous it really warrants someone taking the time to point it out to them.

At the end of the day it isn't even about the Vita. There are a lot of people here who just root for the brand. In the same way some root for a local sports team. They don't necessarily care what happens to individual players. They just care about how it affects their team. To put it mildly a lot of them wouldn't give a flying fuck about the Vita if it didn't have Sony on the label. To them the Vita can only be a stain or a medal.

Fair enough, but what else short of a price cut can help the Vita?  Obviously games, but can Sony produce a true system seller?  What would movitvate third parties to develop expensive AAA titles for the Vita?  It's hard to really think of a Vita recovery scenario that doesn't involve.  

a) Slashing the price.

b) Paying big money for exclusives.

Either way, Sony is going to have to take a hit to right the ship.  If they truly can't do that, then I don't see the Vita bouncing back.