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Congrats to Sony for selling 70m with the most expensive console and coming out a year late. From haters claiming it to be 2nd Dreamcast to a success story. No one expected this 5 years ago and I'm sure it will stop selling around 100m.

Sony is in the dumps right now. I'm not sure how you can call it a success. S&P just lowered there credit rating to one above total sh-t. So I think you need to look into the numbers again. However your having a hard time understanding these numbers. So just keep thinking everything is cool. Sony is going down in flames and your happy about that?

He obviously is celebrating PS3 sales (this is a ps3 sales thread). Not about their credit rating.

I think you have a hard time understanding the topic of this thread. Maybe you aren't intelligent enough to understand it. Maybe you just want to bait-troll.

"Sony is going down in flames and your happy about that?" We're happy because Sony has shipped 70 m. I'll repeat: aren't you intelligent enough to understand it?


credit rating = profitability = sales = shipments

this does tie in, just not to people who don't want to hear the the facts and the truth. Sony is in financial disaster.

Maybe you are all to imature to talk about sony sales in great detail. You want to here the good and that is it.

credit rating = profitability = sales = shipments (According to you, morhe shimpments equals more sales equals more profitability and equals better credit rating). So, if the PS3 shipped more then... Sony is saved!!!! (Using your dumb logic).

I'm not to immature to talk about sony sales in great detal. I'll talk about them in a Sony Sales thread. This is only PS3 which is only a part of Sony's gaming division (which is generating profit). 

Wanna talk about Sony (all divisions)??? Make your thread.

I'm happy because my favorite console is selling. That's what this is about.

You got what I meant. so switch it around. I'm typing fast. Credit rating = Profitability = Sales/shipments.  Shipments is sales cause the store is f'ing buying them.

This is not off topic and if we have to make a thread everysingle time. My god.