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zuvuyeay said:
more than 595m s/ware as of 30th sept 2012,i assume that is shipped,i have always been critical of under tracking PS3 s/ware but thats not too bad right,what vgc says 592m or something but i think they have adjusted it in the last year maybe,not sure

a good milestone 70m shipped

as of nov 4th,do they ship every week then sony or monthly how do they work these figures or is it in quarters i guess,how many does these leave on the shelves for chrimbo

pretty good for move £15m units the argument we have over move doesn't really matter as it's all sales to sony it's not as if move s/ware rockets off the shelves.it's all sold navs,move kits,dildos or whatever unless i am mistaken

Apparently the 595 million software units is of March 31st 2012. PS3 software is now over 660 million.