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SaviorX said:
To be honest, who cares?

I'm not even trying to troll...I just think that the consensus of people now find this side of Square Enix irrelevant.

Plenty of people still care. Everyone is trying to force themselve to NOT want this game only because to want it and still be waiting is too painful. Before the FFXIII stuff even went down, FF Versus XIII was the game to watch. SE did some polls that were saying people were far more interested in FF Versus XIII than FFXIII, before it went MP.

And when/if it finally comes out and if it actually turns out to be what it set out to be....every JRPG fan around will be clamouring for it. I think part of the reason SE has been forcing Nomura to stay quiet about the game is due to the fact everytime any news of it is mentioned, it overshadows everything else they are doing.. In order to keep fan focus the had to pretend like the game doesn't even exist, in hopes that the fans would forget it does for seconds long enough for them to concentrate on.....Lightning Returns :P.

I might end up changing my name to ForeverNoctis3000 once it comes out, everything about this game is screaming it might become my new favorite in the series.




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