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Nearly 2 years have passed since Square Enix first demonstrated in game footage of its upcoming action rpg to the public.

While details surrounding the long awaited Final Fantasy Versus XIII continue to be secluded for another year, word on the street suggests that the media blackout regarding Versus XIII may end as early as the new year.

According to the Final Fantasy grapevine, Square Enix is preparing a special conference to be held January 15th-17th. It’s rumored that Noctis and company will have their day in the sun once more after a two year absence as new in-game Final Fantasy Versus XIII footage is expected to be revealed. A new playable character will also reportedly be shown as well.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII won’t be the only rpg in the spotlight at this event, assuming the unconfirmed reports are to be believed. New details on Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy X HD are also on tap for the event.

While Square Enix has held a similar conference in Japan nearly two years ago which focused on all things Final Fantasy ( including Versus XIII ), we’ve been burned plenty of times in the past by rumors concerning the elusive PS3 exclusive.

Until this news is confirmed by those in the know, it would be wise if we all took the above information with a truck load of kosher salt before getting too excited.




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