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Major League Gaming announced today that they have experienced a growth of 334 percent in online viewers over the last year. Over the last two years, online viewership has grown by a staggering 636 percent. eSports is becoming more mainstream and Major League Gaming is leading the charge.

MLG continues to set new records with almost every event. The Spring Championship in Anaheim and the Fall Championship in Dallas were the two most watched events in MLG history. A record-breaking 11.7 million unique viewers tuned in to watch the 2012 Pro Circuit Championships live online. Compare this to the 3.5 million viewers who watched the 2011 Championships online and the 1.8 million viewers in 2010. That is a ridiculous rate of growth and it doesn't look like it will stop anytime soon.

“MLG’s 334 percent growth in live online audience this year surpasses growth demonstrated by traditional sports. This is a testament to the mainstream demand for competitive gaming and power of live streaming,” said Sundance DiGiovanni, CEO of Major League Gaming, in an official press release. “The last two years have been the largest in MLG’s 10-year history with over 636 percent growth in live viewers. I only expect that growth to continue in 2013.”

MLG also released an infographic (above) which shows additional information about their audience. 85 percent of viewers are male (not surprising), 65 percent of viewers are aged 18-34, and over 40 percent of viewers have a household income over over $100,000. According to the press release, MLG’s demographic is younger, more male dominated and more affluent when compared to online communities for traditional sports leagues.