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I initially had very poor expectations for Nintendo Lands and then overtime got more and more enthusiastic for it seeing just how much of Nintendo's best energy and talent had been going into it. I also saw it as a way for Nintendo to trojan horse every popular game genre into Casual Gaming fans.

With Wii Sports, they managed to get casuals interested in shallow waggle fest games and the Wii library got full of such crap that still got sold. None of those having the subtle quality of Wii Sports itself which was a free game meant to introduce and demo the system's potential.

With Nintendo Land, I think Nintendo wants the adopters to enjoy it and then look for many different types of games. Which is why they are packing 12 different games into the single game.

Anyway... so I fully expected Nintendo Land to be one of the stronger reviewed games for Wii U. The first reviews out now ( http://gamingeverything.com/32589/first-wii-u-game-reviews-are-in/ ) has it higher than New Super Mario Bros U. Makes me wonder how many of us predict which games for Wii U will review best?

Edit: Creating the poll was easier than answering it. Please think about it and then give your answer.

Would Batman have the highest because it has the highest on the X360 and PS3 out of the games already? Would reviewer dock it quality just because the game has already been out on X360/PS3? Would the game quality be reduced drastically just by adding touch-screen and whatever new stuff they added?

Did they somehow make Darksiders 2 or Assassins's Creed 3 or Ninja Gaiden 3 much better than the X360/PS3 versions?

Does having local multiplayer and bots make Call of Duty - Black Ops 2 much better on Wii U? Does having 1080p 60fps make it better than whatever upscaling is taking place on X360/PS3?

Is ZombiU going to be as good as we may want it to be as gamers wanting more quality exclusive games from 3rd parties making meaningful quality implementation of the Gamepad?

Is Nintendo Land going to prove itself the Wii Sports for the Wii U for everybody... keep in mind all people that played it in social setting thoroughly enjoyed it. Not just casuals and hard-cores or whatever other labels float around.

Could The Wonderful 101 be another great new game from Platinum Games?