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man-bear-pig said:

Here are my Halo 4 weekly sales predictions for the rest of the year. I've found them by using the percentage weekly changes of similar titles released at similar times of the year.

Week ending 10th November: 4,428,000

Week ending 17th November: 713,000

Week ending 24th November: 532,000

Week ending 1st December: 356,000

Week ending 8th December: 360,000

Week ending 15th December: 403,000

Week ending 22nd December: 480,000

Week ending 29th December: 378,000

Week ending 5th January: 143,000

2012 Total: 7,793,000


Hmm i don't know i think that's a bit too much bro,i say 6 mill at least it's far more realistic in my opinion