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gergroy said:
DCOK said:
I'd love to vote for Gary Johnson (I'd prefer to write-in Ron Paul over anything) if my state allowed it (I think Oklahoma is the only state this election without a write-in or third party option).

So, instead of voting for the two headed monster (Obamney), I'll be abstaining on November 6th.

Only reason im actually voting this year is to reelect jim matheson to his house seat.  Its the only close election in my state.  Every other election is already decided, including who utah will vote for president.

I hate the electoral college system...


Romney has no idea wht he's talking about. Obama will be railroaded by the Rep's again, so there is no real point of him running. srry to say Obama will likely get less done this term than he did in his last to , but he's clearly the best choice of the 2.

we need to send new people into the congress and senate. only then will we see any minuet changes.

big business rules all, and Presidents, Congressmen, and the Senate have become nothing more then figure heads of leadership to appease other countries.

this post is sponsored by hatred of politicians.